Sega Dreamcast Massive Memory Card Plus By Interact / GameShark

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This Memory Card is an 8x (1600 block) card for the Sega Dreamcast. It has a special 6-pin port to connect to a 25-pin Parallel connection on your Windows 95/98 PC. This Massive Memory Card Plus was made by Interact / GameShark. It will work under Windows 95/98, I have tested it under Windows 98. Under Windows XP it seems to not detect the Memory Card.

The software was included on a CD that's less then 1 MB large, only 709 KB which can fit on a floppy, you can download this software here. You can also download the manual in Adobe Acrobat PDF format here.

I will be posting instructions shortly about the cable. For now it seems the 6 pins connect to these pins on the 25-pin Parallel cable. 2 (which actually has two wires going into one pin), 3, 11, 12, and 21.

Hope this information helps everyone out who was looking for information on this Memory card like I was.

NOTE: I have tested this software in Windows XP SP2 with Compatibility mode on in Windows 95 or Windows 98/ME mode. However it did not work, it did work fine on a computer with Windows 98 installed however. Also the Dreamcast must be on, with the memeory card in the controller (And the Dreamcast's lid open) for your PC to propperly connect to the memory card - since it can't power the card itself.


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PDF Download Manual Button

Click Here or the image above to download the PDF Manual for the Dreamcast Massive Memory Card Plus

Photo Gallery

Memory Card Box

The box the unit came in.

PC Parallel Cable

The 6-pin Memory Card to 25-pin PC Parallel cable.

Memory Cards

The Massive Memory Card (left) next to a red Sega VMU (right).

Top of VMU

The top of the Massive Memory Card, showing the 6-pin port.

PC Software Screenshot

This is a screenshot of the Massive Memory Card Plus PC program running in Windows 98.

Note: for the Parallel Port 0x378 is selected by default and should work fine unless you have multiple ports.

Using this program it was simple, and even quick, to transfer saves to and from my PC to my Dreamcast.